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NEAR Introduces IGS212 In-Ground Subwoofer
Dual 12-inch design offers the performance of a 15-inch woofer from the size of a 12

August 7, 2017 – Today NEAR®, a division of Bogen Communications, Inc. (“NEAR”), a manufacturer of premium ultra-durable outdoor loudspeakers and electronics for residential use, announced the introduction of an all-new subwoofer model for immediate delivery – the IGS212 ($1999 MSRP). The new model joins the existing IG (in-ground) series of products including two full range speakers (IG8s2, IG6s2) and two subwoofers (IGS12, IGS10).

Two 12-inch woofers in a bandpass enclosure produce the bass output and extension one would expect from a 15-inch woofer but in a much smaller enclosure. The complete IGS212 enclosure is 23-3/4 inches diameter at the base and 24-inches high. When partially buried in the ground the exposed part of the speaker is merely 22 inches diameter and 12 inches high.

“Outdoor theater systems are in great demand these days, driving the need for speakers that can fill outdoor spaces with high impact sound,” said NEAR division general manager Bill Kieltyka.  “Without the benefit of confining walls, it is very difficult to produce loud and low frequency bass. We designed the IGS212 to work in tandem with our DSP-equipped 3XL and 7XL amplifiers to achieve a level of performance that rivals the finest indoor home theater systems.”  

The IGS212 employs two 12-inch ultra low mass Metal Diaphragm Technology (MDT™) woofers for best-in-class sound quality and durability. The woofer is a Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS™) “spiderless” design resulting in longer cone excursion for superior bass output and lower distortion. As an added benefit, the magnetic fluid serves to draw heat away from the voice coil for exceptional high power durability. The IGS212 woofer drivers also features NEAR’s innovative UDIO (upside down/inside out) low frequency driver technology. UDIO is an inverted cone diaphragm woofer driven by voice coils wound both inside and outside the former. With UDIO technology, frequency linearity and sound quality are maintained even at punishingly loud volume levels.

The IGS212 is intended for in-ground installation but may be used freestanding and can be camouflaged among planters and pots. In-ground installation affords homeowners better sound performance, lower visibility and greater security.

The IGS212’s color-through enclosure material means it will not color-fade even after years of direct sun exposure. All NEAR IG series models, including the new IGS212, are designed to meet or exceed the stringent Mil-Std-810 (Humidity, Salt Air, Heat, Cold, Immersion); and IEC IP X5 durability standards, making them totally weatherproof not just “weather resistant,” making the line a rare combination of commercial grade durability with high-end residential sonic performance.

NEAR will demonstrate an outdoor cinema system featuring a pair of IGS212 subwoofers, 3XL and 7XL amplifiers and the company’s LB8 bracket mount speakers in booth 4250 at CEDIA Expo 2017. The IGS212 are in stock and ready to ship to US dealers at an MSRP of $1999 each. 

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About NEAR

Founded in 1988 and acquired by Bogen Communications, Inc. in 1997, NEAR continues under the creative and business leadership of founder and division general manager Bill Kieltyka. Bill’s passion for advancing high-quality music reproduction and its reputation as the leader in the creation of speakers for use under the most extreme conditions are foundational to the NEAR mission. NEAR creates and markets audiophile grade speakers for year round use, under extreme conditions, at all latitudes of our planet. NEAR is headquartered at 24 Stone Street, #108, Augusta, ME. 04330 and is a division of Bogen Communications, Inc. with corporate offices at 1200 MacArthur Blvd., Mahwah, NJ 07430. For more information please visit NEAR online.

CEDIA booth 4250

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