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The Altitude32 Adds DTS:X

Trinnov Audio’s Altitude32 becomes the first High End preamp/processor to support all three immersive audio formats: Dolby Atmos®, Auro-3D® and now DTS:X®.

Moreover, DTS:X decoding capability is available immediately to all Altitude32 owners who purchased the 3D decoders option, via a simple software update. No new hardware is required, thanks to Trinnov’s proprietary, software-based audio engine.

The Altitude32 is already unique in the world of surround sound processors in that up to 32 discrete channels can be rendered (assuming the chosen surround format supports that many speaker positions). This capability stands in stark contrast to the hard limit of 12 discrete decoded channels imposed by DSP-chip based implementations.

The Altitude32 enjoys unrivaled flexibility and spatial resolution, thanks also to its unique 3D microphone and ability to accurately measure each speaker’s actual location in three-dimensional space. Combined with Trinnov’s patented 3D Remapping technology, owners of the Altitude32 enjoy a level of seamless, immersive audio that other platforms simply cannot approach.

Current owners of 3D audio-enabled Altitude32 preamp/processors should contact their dealers to arrange for the update, which will be standard with all future 3D-enabled Altitude32 pre/pros.

About Trinnov Audio: since 2003, a small team of gifted engineers has passionately pursued high performance audio, with a focus on 3D sound reproduction and active room acoustics, under the name of Trinnov Audio. Their products are used in the professional audio, commercial cinema, and high-end residential markets.

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