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TRINNOV Audio at CEDIA 2016

Trinnov Audio will be exhibiting with their North American distributor, Sound Developments (Booth 1700). Trinnov CEO Arnaud Laborie will be attending, along with International Sales Manager Arnaud Destinay and Director of North American Sales Jon Herron.

Trinnov is introducing a software update for the Altitude32, one that includes extensive, fully Parametric Equalization (PEQ) capabilities, along with improvements to the Altitude32’s already powerful active crossover capabilities. Crossover improvements include support for 6th order (36 dB/octave) and 8th order (48 dB/octave) crossover slopes. Trinnov personnel will be at the show to introduce these and other capabilities to attendees, and to answer their questions.

Once again, companies doing active demos at CEDIA 2016 have chosen Trinnov Audio as their Surround Preamp of choice. The following loudspeaker manufacturers have selected the Altitude32 for their CEDIA 2016 Immersive Audio demonstrations.

  • Alcons Audio from The Netherlands will be demonstrating a 9.2.8 configuration of their high dynamic range, pro-ribbon technology loudspeakers in Arts District 4, the High Performance Rooms. Twenty-four channels of Alcons Sentinel processing and amplification, with an AES3 digital signal chain and the Trinnov Optimizer, will drive the system. MSRP is approximately $100,000
  • German loudspeaker company Ascendo will be presenting a 9.5.4 system in Sound Room 19 (SR19). Ascendo will also be announcing their new Setup Wizard, which simplifies the setup and commissioning of their systems. The MSRP of the speakers in this system is approximately $75,000.
  • PRO Audio Technologies, based on Southern California, will be doing an Immersive Audio demo in Sound Room 5 (SR5), using an architectural 11.2.6 system in which all speakers (other than the subwoofers) fit within standard 2x4 walls. The MSRP of the speakers and the 6200w of dedicated amplifiers in this system is approximately $53,000.

About Trinnov Audio: since 2003, a small team of gifted engineers has passionately pursued high performance audio, with a focus on 3D sound reproduction and active room acoustics, under the name of Trinnov Audio. Their products are used in the professional audio, commercial cinema, and high-end residential markets.

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