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The Altitude32 Honored As Best High-End Home Theater Product 2016-2017

The Trinnov Altitude32 has just been selected the Best Product 2016-2017 in the High-End Home Theater category by the European Imaging and Sound Association. For 34 years, EISA magazines from all over Europe and the Home Theater Audio Expert Group have been jointly reviewing and nominating products, and subsequently selecting the best for this prestigious award

The company started writing the product specification for the Altitude32 at the end of 2013 with the intent of establishing a new reference in the High-End AV processor market by leveraging the company’s unique know-how and core technologies. Within less than a year, the Altitude32 was introduced at CEDIA with the world’s first Dolby Atmos for the Home demonstration, featuring more than 12 discrete channels.

After 2½ years of intensive work and commitment, we are excited and honored to receive this unique and meaningful recognition.

Here is the citation from EISA’s president Paul Miller:

“Serious home cinema enthusiasts seeking the very best experience need look no further than Trinnov Audio’s Altitude32. Able to output up to 32 discrete channels, this is no ordinary home cinema processor. Advanced, fully-customizable room optimization and equalization enables it to tailor its sound to the specific speaker layout and characteristics of a home theatre, and it will map any Dolby Atmos, DTS:X or Auro-3D native feed without breaking into a sweat. The outcome is a reference-class performance, with the Altitude32 bringing astonishing clarity and definition, scale and presence, to movie soundtracks. Software-based architecture means it is ready for future updates, and despite its state-of-the-art feature set, operation is always easy with networked control from a PC, smartphone or tablet.”

Richard Stevenson, journalist from Home Cinema Choice, the EISA Magazine partner in the UK reviewed the Altitude32 in last month’s issue. He concluded:

“How to sum up the Altitude32? There’s probably no more flexible AV processor currently available for home cinema. Its ability to switch fleet-footed between sound formats is remarkable; its sound is precise, authoritative and balanced. Yes, it’s expensive, but the best things often are.”

Jochen Schmitt reviewed the Altitude32 in the July issue of Heimkino in Germany and ended his article with the following:

The AV processor Altitude32 from the French manufacturer Trinnov is the ultimate machine to bring professional standards of fidelity to home theaters. Trinnov’s Optimizer technology works perfectly and makes it possible to handle even the most complex systems. Our new reference.”

Finally, a recently-published review by Doug Blackburn of the US-based magazine Widescreen Review (not a member of EISA) describes his experience with the Altitude32 thusly:

“The Altitude32 made music sound so good that one-hour evaluations turned into three-hour listening fests. Sometimes I would pick several albums in a row that were so compelling to hear at this level of performance that I would end up listening to the entire album rather than a track or two.…

“You may be thinking ahead and assuming if music sounded that good, then movie sound was equally impressive. Well, hold on for just a second. That’s a bit presumptive. Presumptive but correct. Movie sound was impeccable. It didn’t matter if the soundtrack was 5.1, 7.1, Atmos, DTS:X, or Auro-3D, they all sounded great.…

“If the Altitude32 fits within your equipment budget, you can’t go wrong. The combination of precision, sound quality, flexibility, adjustability, and stability the Altitude32 offers are unbeatable.”

More reviews of the Altitude32 from EISA partners (and others) will be released over the next several months, including magazines from Finland, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

About Trinnov Audio: since 2003, a small team of gifted engineers has passionately pursued high performance audio, with a focus on 3D sound reproduction and active room acoustics, under the name of Trinnov Audio. Their products are used in the professional audio, commercial cinema, and high-end residential markets.

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