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TRINNOV Audio Introduces the Amplitude8 Power Amplifier

TRINNOV Audio is introducing the remarkable new Amplitude8 power amplifier at CEDIA 2016.

The Amplitude8 is designed to deliver spectacular performance in a luxury home theater. With two large, linear power supplies, each with its own toroidal transformer and dedicated power cord, each of the eight channels of the Amplitude8 can deliver up to 500 watts rms at 2Ω. Perhaps more importantly, any single channel associated with either power supply can deliver 1200 watts peak power to handle transients.

The amplification stage of the Amplitude8 features the industry’s lowest-distortion and noise specifications, and what little noise there is remains frequency independent with a s/n ratio of -125 dB. The importance of this trait cannot be over-estimated in a theater that may have twenty or thirty speakers in a single room. If each of those speakers were producing even a small amount of noise, it would rapidly become noticeable and unacceptable. This scenario never arises with the Amplitude8.

As you might expect, the Amplitude8 integrates seamlessly with the Altitude32 AV preamp.

  • The Amplitude8’s input level perfectly matches the output level of the Altitude32 for optimum use of the enormous available dynamic range.
  • Eight channels of the Altitude32 can be connected to each Amplitude8 with a single, TASCAM-standard D-Sub 25 cable, which greatly speeds the error-free wiring of a rack and simplifies both the wiring harnesses and the final dressing of the rack.
  • The Amplitude8 front panel was designed to complement the appearance of the Altitude32 and will look magnificent in your final installation.
  • A full 32-channel system including the AV preamp and all amplification requires less than 20U of rack space, yet delivers almost 10,000 watts of power at 8Ω.

The Amplitude8 is made in America and available now. MSRP is $13,500.

About Trinnov Audio: since 2003, a small team of gifted engineers has passionately pursued high performance audio, with a focus on 3D sound reproduction and active room acoustics, under the name of Trinnov Audio. Their products are used in the professional audio, commercial cinema, and high-end residential markets.

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